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In addition to conducting the necessary tests to certification, Bimeo Ltd. performs comprehensive quality control inspections in various areas of the leather and footwear industry. The quality of our services is ensured by our modern laboratory and the dedication and expertise of our experienced professionals.

Comprehensive testing of leathers

We conduct comprehensive leather industry tests from crust to finished products. Through chemical and physical testing, we evaluate the material's quality, properties, and chemical characteristics that impact its safety. By performing these tests, we ensure compliance with regulations, prescribed norms, and suitability for the intended use.

Fault diagnosis

Our expert team in the laboratory assists in identifying the root causes of recurring errors during shoe manufacturing and finding solutions for them. We help identify common issues and determine the underlying reasons behind them. This enables effective management of errors and addressing quality problems throughout the production process.

Extensive footwear testing

With BIMEO's extensive footwear examinations, you can ensure the quality of your product throughout the entire development and manufacturing process. Our laboratory offers a wide range of shoe testing capabilities, whether it's for sports, children's, or occupational footwear.

Tested properties:

  • wear resistance

  • waterproof properties

  • flexibility

  • breathability

  • strength of seams and adhesives

  • chemical testing (e.g., Chromium VI)

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