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PPE certification

BIMEO is a notified body in the European Union since 2005 and authorized to carry out third-party conformity assessment procedures according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425. BIMEO is a fast and reliable certification partner, providing assistance in navigating the certification process with speed and accuracy.

For personal protective equipment (PPE) belonging to Category II and III, it is necessary to involve a notified body (Modules B, C2/D). The conformity assessment procedures to be followed for each of the risk categories are as follows: 

  • Category I: internal production control (module A);  

  • Category II: EU type-examination (module B) followed by conformity to type based on internal production control (module C);  

  • Category III: EU type-examination (module B) and either of the following:  

    • conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised product checks at random intervals (module C2);  

    • conformity to type based on quality assurance of the production process (module D).

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Conformity assessment procedures for the different categories of PPE

BIMEO offers Conformity Assessment according to the following Directives:

Foot and leg protection

  • Safety footwear - EN ISO 20345

  • Protective footwear - EN ISO 20346

  • Occupational footwear - EN ISO 20347

  • Footwear for use in welding and allied processes - EN ISO 20349-2

  • Safety footwear with resistance to chain saw cutting - EN ISO 17249

  • Footwear for firefighters - EN 15090

  • Footwear protecting against chemicals - EN13832-2 and EN 13832-3

  • Overshoes - in-house technical specification based on - EN ISO 20345

Hand and arm protection

  • General standards - EN 420, EN ISO 21420

  • Protective gloves against mechanical risks - EN 388

  • Protective gloves against thermal risks - EN 407

  • Protective gloves against cold - EN 511

  • Protective gloves for welders - EN 12477

  • Protective gloves against dangerous chemicals - EN ISO 374-1

  • Protective gloves against micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) - EN ISO 374-5

  • Protective gloves for firefighters - EN 659

  • Protective gloves against mechanical vibration and shock - EN ISO 10819

  • Protective gloves with electrostatic properties - EN ISO 16350

Protective clothing

  • Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes - EN ISO 11611

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