What kind of products do we test?

    Footwear ・Clothes ・ Bags ・ Furniture ・ Leather products

    Who are our customers?

    Manufacturers and Producers ・Retailers and Distributors・ 

    Private individuals ・ Authorities and public-utility companies

    What we offer

    Quality control

    ・Outsourced laboratory activity

    ・Carrying out full-scale laboratory and quality control tasks in the leather, footwear, leather-processing and textile industries

    ・Material and in-process manufacturing tests, verification of compliance and certification of finished products 

    ・Measuring the standard of products based on mechanical and aesthetic criteria 

    ・Application technology tests


    ・Production development

    ・Production development plans

    ・Identifying the causes of product and manufacturing errors

    ・& D project management and implementation

    ・Preparing for type test 

    ・Preparing for the implementation of quality-management system activities

    HACCP - ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - MEBIR


    ・Legal and professional trainings

    Arbitration Board Procedure

    Szakértői vélemény



    ・Teljes képviselet


    Our partners